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Motorcycle Rider Education

We at Ozark Harley-Davidson value your safety.  We attempt to keep an updated list of where Missouri accredited Motorcycle Safety Courses are held.  Please contact the individual courses for class information and cost.  Below the list of classes are the Five Key Steps to Avoid An Accident.


Site City Phone Website
St. Louis County Park Rangers Ballwin 314-615-4386 www.mmsp.org
Lake Technical and Career Center Camdenton 573-346-9271 www.mmsp.org
Cape Girardeau Career and Tech Center Cape Girardeau 573-334-0826 www.mmsp.org
Jefferson College Hillsboro 636-797-3000 www.mmsp.org
Mo State Hwy Patrol CDL Testing Site Jefferson City 800-309-7433 www.mmsp.org
Route 66 Motorcycle Safety Joplin 417-291-5939 www.mmsp.org
Maple Woods Community College Kansas City 816-437-3011 www.mmsp.org
Wheels Training Center Kansas City 816-478-3677 www.mmsp.org
Kirksville High School Kirksville 800-309-7433 www.mmsp.org
Bootheel Motorcycle Training Malden 573-748-5756 www.mmsp.org
Mark Twain Lake Motorcycle Safety Program Monroe City 573-735-2105 www.mmsp.org
Crowder College Neosho 800-801-3588 www.mmsp.org
St. Charles Park Rangers Saint Charles 636-949-3377 www.mmsp.org
Hillyard Technical Center Saint Joseph 816-671-4170 www.mmsp.org
St. Louis Community College St. Louis 314-664-9175 www.mmsp.org
State Fair Community College Sedalia 816-530-5800 www.mmsp.org
Missouri Highway and Transportation Springfield 417-864-2037 www.mmsp.org
Ozark Technical Community College Springfield 417-447-8888 www.mmsp.org
Freedom of the Road Riders Trenton High School Trenton 800-309-7433 www.mmsp.org
Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program Warrensburg 800-801-3588 www.mmsp.org
Waynesville Technical Academy Waynesville 573-774-6106 www.mmsp.org


Harley-Davidson® Rider's Edge® Courses


Site City Phone
Mid-America Harley-Davidson Columbia 573-875-4444
Hideout Harley-Davidson Joplin 417-623-1054
Doc's Harley-Davidson Kirkwood 314-965-0166
Gail's Harley-Davidson Grandview 816-966-2222
Gateway to the West Harley-Davidson Festus 314-845-9900
Surdyke Harley-Davidson Festus 636-931-8700
Worth Harley-Davidson North Gladstone 816-420-9000



Motorcyclists lose in accidents. The only question is, what will be lost? Sometimes, not very often, it's only motorcycle damage. More often, it's skin & blood, or worse yet, an arm or maybe a leg. Sometimes, it's their life. These Keys to Safety may help you avoid being in an accident.


All motorcyclists know to allow 2 or more seconds of safety margin between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. However, riders should develop the additional practice of looking ahead 15 seconds (visibility permitting) and anticipating what might affect them, thus increasing time to safely react. At highway speed, 15 seconds is a quarter of a mile!


Sometimes this is called situational awareness. In addition to watching traffic all around you, pay attention to intersections ahead with possible cross traffic, or driveways when a motorist backing out, or vehicles on the side of road which might pull out in front of you, bicyclists ahead, water puddle on the road which could cause hydroplaning, to name a few things which could become hazards. Increased awareness can provide you with increased reaction time to avoid a hazard.


Develop and practice your eye scan. Check your mirrors every few seconds. Scan your instruments (battery charge, oil pressure, oil temperature) every 10 seconds. Check the sides of the road where trees and underbrush may hide 4 legged critters. Watch for motorists who may be "lost" or may not be sure whether to turn or not.


Always give yourself a way to escape a potential threat. Example - riding in heavy traffic with vehicles ahead of you, and alongside another vehicle (..especially a big truck!) with another vehicle close behind you on a two lane highway is like riding in a moving box. There's no way to escape a sudden threat such as a vehicle suddenly cutting in front of you, or an accident in front of you, or a critter jumping into the roadway. Keep a way out at all times. Slow down to create space in front, move on around the vehicle to your side, whatever you can safely do to avoid being trapped with nowhere to go if there is a sudden threat.


Unfortunately, motorcycles sometimes simply do not register in the vision/mind of many motorists. The motorcycle is plainly visible but often the driver of the automobile may not really "see it". Riders need to take proactive steps to be seen. Make eye contact with motorists. Flash high beam lights if the situation requires. Move left or right in your lane, safety margin permitting, to create motion which may be more noticeable to motorists.

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